When you take a step back and look at your life, what do you see?

Do you see satisfaction, happiness, success? Or do you merely see a reflection of defeat, failures, and hopelessness?

Sometimes it is hard to tell, because what we perceive as success and happiness, can be another’s failure and sadness. And at times we are stopped from achieving our full potential and resonate into something we are not.

We are brought to a halt, and the dreams we dreamt are never met. We fall into the “cultural laws” of society, believing in a path that is thought to elicit success. However, happiness, pride and honour was stolen in the process. It was taken from us because we simply followed laws and did what others perceived as high achievements. We lost touch with our true selves, our true feelings and from that, hid all the elements of our character.

Now we are left here, in a profession that does nothing for us. You do it because you are good at it, but not for the sake of loving it. Your loss in connection between knowledge and feeling will only bring you so far. The creative nature you had at the start, is now at the brink of extinction. Growth will slow and all will soon be a continued routine. Then you ask yourself, why did I do this…..

Just remember it is never to late to change, it is never to late to follow not just the your mind, but your heart. Everyone is intelligent, everyone is emotionally capable of judging their rights and wrongs. Dig into your imagination, bring out your true colours, find the elements that build the person you are, and let no one ever determine the path you want to lead.

Find yourself, build your future and establish your own empire. One life, one time, show them……


Game changer

It’s not in the sudden spark that lights the flame, it is the action behind making that spark.

Sad, make her smile

Lonely, hold her hand

Long day, bottle of wine

I simply outlined three aspects followed up with a simple solution and for many it will work, and some it may not. The key here is to look deeper, think beyond, and find another solution. Be the game changer.

As humans we hold much mental capacity, yet our ability to feel with our hearts and use our creative minds are lost after love becomes comfortable. This is unfortunate and sadly, true.

Love is not from a recipe book, it is not from a mathematical equation, and surely not a straight forward emotion. It is created, it is built, it is worked on, it is continued and it must be shown.

To elicit a continued affection the key relies on creativity. In order to achieve a level of contentment between two parts, adventure becomes key factor. Be different, be a leader, have confidence, plan date nights, date days, or even trips. Dress up, play sports, be active, heck even design your own drinking game. Creativity to love is an aspect lost over time, but don’t lose it.

Continue to imagine, continue to be innovative, continue to understand the workings of love. When you do, the final piece to the puzzle will reveal itself, let me introduce happiness…..



A continuation from the previous post, what if we looked at this a little bit deeper…..

Using our senses is our way of relying on how we perceive the world.

Yes vision is one of the most important senses that we acquire and to some the best sense we attain.

However, it is each of our five senses that create a picture of the world around us. The thought of walking on a beach, as a wave hits our feet, cannot only be described through one sense. We must not forget that we develop a picture of the world using more than one.

Most people talk about hearing, about taste, about vision. Yet why is it that so few speak of touch. The one enabling us to understand texture, shape, warmth, and even love. Yes I said love….

The power of touch goes beyond what we can see or hear. It relays a different message to our brain. Yes, you can say that holding your phone all you feel is a hard back ended surface, smooth or rough depending on the case, with a greasy glass face. But explain to me when you hold someone you love? Or better yet when you can’t touch those around you? Is the answer a description of the human being in front of you and how they physically feel, or does that touch develop into a deeper meaning?

As humans, as animals, as bacteria, we need that touch. We need to feel and be felt. We love being held, we loved being kissed, we love being touched. Whether with words, with a hand, head or even a body, the warmth generated within that touch is sometimes all that is necessary to keep us sane, to keep us positive, and to keep us happy. Remove the action of touch, and we will lose the sense of connection, and ultimately the sense of being…..




We have 5 senses: vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell

Each sense provides us with different information that this world has to offer, from great food, to beautiful landscapes, to the feel of sand. All work together to paint a picture in our minds of how we perceive the world around us.

Different areas of our brain are programmed to process one sense over another. And when we lose one sense, our body compensates, by reprogramming the hardwire capacity of our brain by strengthening our other senses, for us to still perceive the world around us.

We can also do this consciously, by emphasizing one sense over another. We lower music while driving when we are lost to find a street name at night; we close our eyes to try and hear someone over the phone when there is loud noise. We purposely try to block out one sense to increase the capacity of another.

Vision is the one sense that helps gives us a literal picture of this world, and one of the most important to people. Yet every time we pray, every time we listen, every time we sleep, we kiss, we dream, we close our eyes. We purposely lose the sense of vision because some of the most beautiful things in life are only felt from the heart.

There is always more to beauty than what we hear, what we see, what we taste or feel. One sense is not greater than another. Gather them, unite them, organize them so that you don’t only see with your eyes, but with your heart; you don’t only feel with your hands, but with your soul. Each sense, will form the picture you, and only you want to see. Experience as much as you can, senses don’t last forever, as does life. Find the beauty deep within, and find the love in the world you were always looking for….


The Unseen

It’s hard to come out of your own shell and show the world the true inner workings of your identity.

It’s hard because of what is thrown at us in the media, and in the society around us. Unfortunately we lack the control to ever stop that.

But we can control our feelings, our thoughts, and ultimately our personalities.

Everyone is entrusted with the power of freedom, and the power to carry a unique identity.

You must learn from societal changes, gain knowledge in fields outside of your realm, become as diverse as possible. The more you broaden your character the harder it becomes to be engulfed by the illusions of society. In order to feel confident you need to believe you are invisible to a level that coordinates with your own reality. Believe you can, be hidden but visible, be conservative but take risks, be thoughtful but selfish, be professional but let loose, reveal your creativity. Once you come to terms with who you are, you have one life to show them you are the difference….


Follow the light

Storms don’t last forever

Some tend to vanish within hours, others within days

In the rare occasion does it last for months on end

Usually there is a purpose behind every storm, one that no matter how much we search, the answer is never found

Just know that after every storm there comes a light, and with every light there is hope. Be hopefully, be positive, be true, and be yourself. Storms do last forever, but your soul will……


Under the mask

Under the mask

It’s not the identity you possess, it is not the gender you chose and not the sex you are born into. It is the person underneath all the layers, the person who looks beyond right and wrong, the person who sees everything equal and the person who realizes that luck and risk are best friends in the journey of life, that someone doesn’t need exposure, doesn’t need fame and that’s why they wear a mask……


Six feet apart?

At a time when we are meant to spend with friends, to spend with family, and appreciate all of the company we grew up with, a time that is now taken from us.

Now we are here, isolated and alone, where the only thing that can come close to contact with us is our phone on FaceTime or zoom, communicating with your loved ones while having a meal. Talking about the days when socializing and enjoying a get together was now a thing of the past. Yes, it does sound depressing, and yes it does suck a lot.

We can dwell over this negativity day in and day out, and this will capture us, swallow us and take us into a darkness where it seems impossible to get out.

But we cannot let this time do that to us. I know it seems as if we have lost, like there is no way out. But We have to keep our head up, we have to keep moving forward, try and look past all that took place within the last year. Get stronger, get smarter, become wiser.

Grab a task and master it. Become better at your profession. Learn a new language, learn how to cook a new meal, write a song, a story, a novel. Use the time to appreciate all that you cannot have. Use that energy you have within, to get out of this even greater. Be grateful, be caring, learn to love life and once all is over, go to those who make you happy and let them know, hug for longer, hold a hand like you mean it, and kiss those you love, forever.

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe sometimes a drastic change needs to occur to make us realize how important and how amazing life actually is. I love everyone of you. Let’s do this together, let’s get through this and before we know it our life will be back.


Two worlds

In life we are sometimes stuck between two worlds. Where every move, every reaction, every decision, seems wrong, and no matter the strategy taken to create right, in the end it feels as if it is never reached.

But then there comes a light, an epiphany, an idea, acting as a reflex bouncing and pushing you in the right direction. At first this is scary, it is worrisome, hard and difficult to believe and swallow. This makes you sweat, makes you nervous and anxious. Yet it does this to produce a pulse, a pulse to move you, to motivate you, to drive you and allow you to follow through; directing yourself in the path you were chosen to be on.

Life has to do this to challenge us, to make us think, make us appreciate. We are humans because we have a heart to feel, a mind to comprehend, and soul to drive us. We need the challenge to have something to overcome and succeed, as that is what we live for.

Whether it be with love, with work, with school, with parenting. Every stage has new step to climb.

No one said this will be easy. Life isn’t and we know that. But we can control our lives. We can control how we move through these experiences, how we achieve them, and how we cherish every single one of these moments.

Remember, life is long, but short; happiness is achieved and created; love is produced and appreciated.

No matter the angle taken to proceed through the difficulties of life, at the end of all of this, everyone reaches the same conclusion.

So be sure to hug for longer, to kiss for forever, and to love like you haven’t before, because before we know it we will all be home.


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